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Can It! To Win It with Tidy Towns and Every Can Counts

Every Can Counts wants to help you to score high marks with the Tidy Towns entry form and pick up the ‘Can It’ award and €1,500 along the way.

Every Can Counts aims to make it easier for people to recycle their cans when they’re out and about, we provide free recycling packs to organisations who want to offer can recycling facilities for the customers, staff, and visitors.

Each pack includes three indoor recycling bins, posters, and liner sacks.  Every Can Counts works with existing waste contractors who take away these bags of segregated cans.

The Can It! Award challenges groups to increase the number of can recycling points within their town or village.  There are four simple steps to take part and win:

  • Identify local businesses or organisations who could use FREE can recycling bins. (It could be a café, a leisure centre, a GAA club or anywhere you see a need).
  • Speak with the business owner/manager and ask them if they’d like some free can recycling packs (includes 3 indoor bins, posters, and bin liners).
  • Contact Every Can Counts at everycancounts@aluproireland.ie with details of the venue and how many bins they require. Please include a contact name, number, and address, and let us know if they consent to receiving and using the recycling packs.
  • Fill in the application form found here and return it to info@everycancounts.ie

The quantity and variety of locations where groups place an Every Can Counts programme will be taken into consideration when choosing a winner.

Remember to mention how many Every Can Counts programmes you have implemented in your Super Valu Tidy Towns entry form under the ‘Tidiness and Litter Control’ (90 marks) and ‘Sustainability –Doing more with less’ (50 marks) headings as it could contribute towards your overall mark.

Drink cans are endlessly recyclable with no loss of quality, and save huge amounts of energy when made from recycled materials (95% energy saving), this makes them the perfect on the go drinks choice for sustainable businesses, towns, and people.

To download a Can It! Application form click here CANIT!Competition2019

For more information on the Tidy Towns and all of the other special awards click here

If you have any questions about the Can It! Award get in touch with Róisín at info@everycancounts.ie

Upload pictures of Every Can Counts at work in your town to your social media and include  #everycancounts and we’ll repost your efforts for all to see.

Good luck to all the Tidy Town applicants in this year’s competition!

Closing date 17th of May 2019

Tidy Towns and Every Can Counts Want You to Can It!



Every Can Counts is delighted to sponsor a special award in the Super Valu Tidy Towns competition for the 11th consecutive year.

The Can It! Award encourages groups to put their creative caps on and up-cycle used beverage cans into a piece of art, fashion, or a useful tool.  The possibilities are as endless as your imaginations.

Most drinks cans are made from thin sheets of aluminium which is lightweight and highly flexible, the ideal material for a community craft project.  If you need inspiration just look to the work of past winners.  We’ve received murals for bring banks, windmills, dresses, and lifetime bouquets.  All pieces are timeless as metal recycles forever, as the award perfectly demonstrates.

Every Can Counts continues to work with Tidy Towns groups to identify organisations in their community who could boost their can recycling, and having a presence at local festivals/events.

The Super Valu Tidy Towns empowers communities, and demonstrates how we can greatly benefit our towns, villages, and cities when we come together.  Every Can Counts is continually inspired by the incredible work of groups we meet across the country.

The national competition is entering its 60th year and was launched by Minister Michael Ring on the 28th of March, entrants can download applications forms here.

Entry forms for the Can It! Award can be downloaded from here CANIT!Competition2018

To view all the special awards for the Super Valu Tidy Towns competition for 2018 you can do so here

To work with Every Can Counts to increase the beverage can recycling in your community we’d love to hear from you, please email info@everycancounts.ie

We look forward to seeing what wonders you create in the 60th year of this great competition.