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It’s Back! – The Tidy Towns & Can It! Awards

How can you increase recycling in your area?  How can you encourage more people to recycle?  Simple, you need to Can It!

That is, you need to take part in the Tidy Towns competition and enter the Can It! special award sponsored by Every Can Counts.

Back, by popular demand, the Can It! award challenges Tidy Towns groups to expand the drink can recycling facilities in their community and to spread the word that drink cans recycle forever.

We’re offering €1,500 to the group that sets up the most can recycling points in a variety of locations in relation to their population size – so everyone has a chance at winning!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Identify a need – find venues that might needs can recycling bins & obtain permission to start an Every Can Counts programme on the premises
  • Contact- email everycancounts@aluproireland.ie to order a drink can recycling pack* for that venue
  • Enter – fill in the application form here and email it to everycancounts@aluproireland.ie
  • Bonus prize – post a picture/video of how you are communicating to the community that drink cans are endlessly recyclable.  Tag Every Can Counts Ireland in your post and you could win a can crusher for your town.  


Energy drink cans, beer and cider cans, soft drink cans, it doesn’t matter what they contain, ALL drink cans are endlessly recyclable.  By recycling drink cans you are saving energy and resources while also keeping precious materials in the recycling loop. In 2019 Ireland recycled or recovered 89% of drink cans, with your help we think do more.  With the power of community, and the Tidy Towns, we’re aiming for 100% drink can recycling.

Thank you for making Every Can Count!


*Each pack contains three indoor recycling bins, branded liner sacks and posters to advertise the campaign.  Once bins are full the bin can be placed with mixed dry recycling for collection, or brought to the nearest can bring bank. 

Tidy Towns and Every Can Counts Want You to Can It!



Every Can Counts is delighted to sponsor a special award in the Super Valu Tidy Towns competition for the 11th consecutive year.

The Can It! Award encourages groups to put their creative caps on and up-cycle used beverage cans into a piece of art, fashion, or a useful tool.  The possibilities are as endless as your imaginations.

Most drinks cans are made from thin sheets of aluminium which is lightweight and highly flexible, the ideal material for a community craft project.  If you need inspiration just look to the work of past winners.  We’ve received murals for bring banks, windmills, dresses, and lifetime bouquets.  All pieces are timeless as metal recycles forever, as the award perfectly demonstrates.

Every Can Counts continues to work with Tidy Towns groups to identify organisations in their community who could boost their can recycling, and having a presence at local festivals/events.

The Super Valu Tidy Towns empowers communities, and demonstrates how we can greatly benefit our towns, villages, and cities when we come together.  Every Can Counts is continually inspired by the incredible work of groups we meet across the country.

The national competition is entering its 60th year and was launched by Minister Michael Ring on the 28th of March, entrants can download applications forms here.

Entry forms for the Can It! Award can be downloaded from here CANIT!Competition2018

To view all the special awards for the Super Valu Tidy Towns competition for 2018 you can do so here

To work with Every Can Counts to increase the beverage can recycling in your community we’d love to hear from you, please email info@everycancounts.ie

We look forward to seeing what wonders you create in the 60th year of this great competition.